The manor was already in its current location back in 1593. Having first belonged to Jacob de la Gardie during the Swedish era in Estonia and after that to Valentin Schilling in 1624, Kõpu was nationalized in the spring of 1699 and it remained a state property for the whole next century. From 1800 to 1805 the manor switched owners three times until it finally went into the hands of Bernhard Heinrich von Stryk whose family remained connected with the manor from that time on. The manor belonged to them from 1805 to 1919. The current manor house was built in 1847. At present Kõpu Basic School occupies the main building.
The two-story manor house with a partitioned facade is made of stone and built in the style of Late Classicism, making it one of the latest Classicist manor houses in Estonia. The manor is characterized by a big central lobby and its hall with walls made of artificial marble is one of a kind in Southern Estonia. Most of thesuurekopu1.jpg interior design originates from the second half of the 19th century.
The manor complex is made up of the manor house, the baroque steward’s house (privately owned), the drier/gym, the stable and the ruins of a smithy, which are all worthy sights. It is also possible to visit the manor park and the grave of the landlord’s dog located there.


Services provided

  •  Guided tour

An hour-long tour gives the visitors overview of the history of the manor and the nobles, also about the school and a bit about the surrounding manor park.

Entrance fee:

Adult 3.20 €

Student/pensioner  2.20 €

Family (2 adults and 2 children under 18) 7 €

Group 10-24 people  38 €

Group more than 24 people 44 €

Guided tour in English – additional fee 10 €.


  • Seminar

Seminar package consists of using marble hall the whole day and the presentation equipment. Also catering – coffee breaks and lunch.

Package prices:

Seminar for 20 people 867 €

Seminar for 30 people 992 €

Seminar for 40 people 1211 €

Possibility to change the duration and the menu of the seminar.

Manor has the right to change prices.


  • Dinner party

Festive dinners are served in the manor’s dining hall where the visitors can enjoy Italian styled wall paintings. Traditional dinner package consists rental fee of the dining hall for 3 hours and catering.


Apetizer (chicken salad, sprat salad or salmon salad).

Soup (lämb-vegetable soup).

Main dish (chicken fillet, „Noble’s steak" – põrk stewed in the dark beer. Schnitzel, traditional põrk or Swiss schnitzel). As an additive boiled potatoes, baked potato or rice.

Stewed vegetables.

Dessert (Foam of cottage cheese with roasted bread, foam with kama flour and cranberries or cake).

Water, juice drink.

Bread/brown bread, mustard, horseradish.


Package prices:

Dinner for 20 people 710 €

Dinner for 30 people 900 €

Dinner for 40 people 1080 €

The price also includes the guided tour in the manor.

Possibility to change the duration and the menu of the seminar.

Manor has the right to change prices.


  • Camp

Possibility to organize different camps (art, sport, music etc). Catering by manor kitchen. Accommodation in the classrooms or in the sports facility next to the manor.


Booking and information: Suure-Kõpu manor: +372 43 96 666, +372 5341 2173

                                          Kõpu Visiting Centre: +372 43 30 100, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., seezon.com